July 2010: Version 2.0 Available

Whats New:

* Multi-Core(Processor) Support

    EDITS 2.0 process entailment pair in parallel threads to fully utilize the CPU power of the user machine.

* Graphical Interface

    The user can now create easily configurations, cost schemes in a user friendly interface.

* Simplified Configuration file

    The user can use aliases instead of class names.

* New Distance Algorithms:

    - Word Overlap
    - Cosine Similarity
    - Jaro-Winkler Similarity
    - Longest Common Sub-sequence
    - Jaccard Similarity

* New Entailment Engines

    New entailment engines based on combination of  edit distances are available. (Linear Combination and interface to Weka classifier).

* A mechanism for entailment engine optimization based on evolutionary algorithms

    Available as plugins:

    - PSO - optimizer best on particle swarm optimization (JSWARM-PSO)
    - Genetic - optimizer based on genetic algorithms (JGAP)

* Automatic Generation of Cost Schemes

    EDITS 2.0 is capable of generating automatically a cost scheme based on the distance algorithm and entailment rules defined in the configuration file.

* New format of the model files

    The new format of the model is a zip file that contains all the information of an entailment engine (configuration, cost scheme, rules etc.).